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client Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Privacy Act in Canada, all personal information pertaining to AMS clients is strictly confidential.

This includes all information relating to the creation, publication, marketing and sales of their books and other media. Such information may be made available to the general public by individual publishers for promotional purposes depending on the specific nature and terms of each publishing contract.

Please Note:

Our agents and staff are not displayed on our website merely for the convenience of new writers who wish to “shop” for an agent. Those unfamiliar with the processes involved fail to understand that it is never a matter of a writer selecting an agent, but whether or not the agent will consider the writer’s work for possible representation. If you are seeking an agent, the process is very simple:

a) Follow the submission guidelines.
b) Your work will then be reviewed.
c) If you are offered representation, you will be contacted by an agent who will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

In 2018, over 30 million manuscripts were rejected by American publishers alone. Publishers and literary agents alike are constantly flooded with inquiries from writers seeking publication of their work. Literary agents can find themselves so overwhelmed by telephone calls and emails from the general public that their ability to focus on the business of selling clients’ manuscripts can be severely compromised. I was once in the middle of telephone negotiations with HBO regarding film rights for an author when I was interrupted by a call from a “wannabe” writer who somehow got my phone number and wanted to discuss an “idea” for a book. I made certain that would never happen again.

Many new writers are anxious about the “track record” of agents. The reality is this – even a highly experienced agent with a long “track record” of sales may not be able to secure a publishing contract for a specific book. This is absolutely no reflection on the quality of the writer’s work, nor on the efforts of the agent to promote it. Sometimes, a publisher has already met their quota for a given genre. Acquisitions editors often fail to see the potential of new books. There are countless reasons for rejection. John Grisham, Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling and numerous famous authors were all rejected many times before they were finally published. It is also interesting to note that it has often been the junior agents with less extensive “track records” who have discovered “gems” in the slush pile and catapulted them to success.

We therefore encourage writers to submit their work to as many literary agents as possible in the hopes that you will secure representation by an agent who truly believes in your work and in your future as a professional author. At AMS Literary Agency our first priority is our clients and their success.

Good luck…and keep writing!