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We Accept Submissions from new & unpublished writers

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The AMS Literary Agency offers full representation to authors and is exclusively focused on the task of selling your book to publishers, including ancillary rights such as electronic/digital rights, film/TV rights and foreign/translation sales.

We are not a subsidy press or editorial service. We are a group of highly experienced agents who have established this firm to capitalize on the collective networks each of us have established with publishers around the world. Our sole purpose is to sell your book through the global market and secure as many royalty sources for you as possible. We do NOT ask for any financial contributions whatsoever from any of the authors we decide to represent. Our revenue is strictly generated by commissions earned through the sale of your book and the various ancillary rights of the property to publishers around the world. If you aren’t making money – we aren’t making money.

If we do accept you as a client, we are fully committed not only to securing publication of your book, but to assisting with the further development of your career as a professional author.


We Accept Submissions From New and Unpublished Writers.

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It’s not easy getting your start as an author, but with AMS we make it a possibility for so many new and unpublished writers to start their journey and realize their dreams. Now it’s your turn….

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